I am an aunt



My sister in law pulled a rabbit out of her hat for Lorè’s first year. 


I’m a mother

My boy is very much set on becoming an inventor at the moment,  so I’m starting to teach him about design and electricity. 

This project is based on the lemon juice powered flower battery S. T. E. A. M  Project.  He was so surprised when the light stayed shining!  Holiday fun!


I am a mother

We are on holiday at the moment and I have to entertain a 9 year old boy….  You see the challenge right?

Well I decided to go for an educational holiday.  I looked into a bunch of STEAM activities.  We don’t have those in South Africa so I had to start from scratch. 

Our first project was simple enough.  Making sun blueprints. 




How I met your father…


How do you know who the right person is for you? The one that will stand by you through thick and thin, sickness and health, for richer and poorer. It’s one of the most difficult processes these days.  

The ease with which people discard each other is distressing to me.  Married today and literally divorced tomorrow.  Or simply choosing to live with someone for years.  Of course I believe that once you have made that choice, to live together, you are married.  Not by law but by faith. 

My ancestors did not have the luxury of going to church weekly.  Sometimes it would take months for the preacher to reach them.  For them writing their names in the family Bible was all that were needed to be considered married.

And then there is the circus that is today’s weddings.  It costs the same as buying a new car, but last only a few hours at most. 

That is why originally I wanted to elope, but in the end chose to invite family only.  Marriage is not supposed to leave your parents broke or up to their necks in debt.  And it’s not about all the gifts you could get.  And it’s not about showing off… It’s about a commitment to another person that is meant to last a lifetime. 

This is why I left the choice to YHWH. 

One day, after another boyfriend broke up with me, I sat down with my Bible, a pen and my golden notebook.  I started out as a mess confessing my sins and then moved on to evaluating my whole life.  All the relationships I’ve had. All the experiences… I then wrote down a list of all the things I thought I wanted in a  husband.  If it felt wrong to write it I erased it.  The list was long!

I asked for specific things like:
* he must be a Christian
* he must have blonde hair and blue eyes
* he must have laugh lines around the eyes
* he must have scars… For reasons
* he must have the same height as me and not mind that I’m talker than him when I wear high heels
* his personality must be stronger than mine
* he must force me to have a strong personality
* his IQ must be higher than mine! 
* he must not drive a Ford… Seriously!
* he had to have two serious relationships before me
* he must give me flowers, twice. It must be something new to him. Firsts he had to give me a mix that he put together himself with no red carnations in it and then tulips (red, orange or pink)

There were more but you get the idea. I felt at peace. I asked Him how long it would take and He gave me this scripture from Esther:
So within a year. Right I could wait. Well 1 September that year I met him and 3 weeks later we were engaged. Its been 18 years and I still love him more every day.

I know there are many such stories out there. God bless you for trusting in Him.



My friends brought this tiny pink bird with massive yellow break to me while I was invigilation at the Grade 10 exam venue.
At first I thought ‘what an ugly thing you are’  but I took you in.  I gave you my body heat to keep you warm.  I fed you when you called for it and cleaned you when you needed it.  You were such a good little bird.
Day by day I saw you growing stronger.  Bigger.  Bolder.
Then another tragedy…  When the baby foxterrier bit you.  I heard your bones cracking in his mouth and pulled you out.  I kept you warm and covered and feared  you would not survive the night.
But you were strong and fought through it.  It took you much longer, but you learned to walk again.  Learned to used your wings again. And learned to fear dogs. Which is what makes what happened so much harder to accept.
You followed me around school.  You called for me when I came into the room.  You never left my sight. You snuggled in my hands, my arms, my neck.
I am going to miss you so much.  I am so sorry that I failed you.
Rest in peace sweet thing.

A little colour


Over the weekend or family got together for a picnic under the trees.  We always struggle to find a time where everyone is available. Finally a beautiful sunny Sunday presented itself.


We had a wonderful time. But we could feel the heart rising! We are heading into a heatwave!


In spite of this I went and bought some roses to put some colour into the garden near the firepit.


I hope they survive this summer.