Body, Mind and Soul


CHROMOTHERAPY: a system of alternative medicine based on the use of colour

My son loves to ask me what my favourite colour is. And I always want to answer blue… but after walking get through my home, I realised that it’s not true. I love brown, red and green. I have painted my walls in these colours, bought furnishings in these colours,  look at paintings in these colours. So what does that tell me about myself?

Your colour preference points to two things:


What do these colours say about me?


This is mostly a practical colour that can be depressing. However it is also an earth tone relating to my practical side,  but linking me to the more primitive  tribal connection that I feel towards my family. Money is of no importance, only life is of importance.


This colour brings warmth and energy and counteracts the depressing side of brown. Red makes lazy people more active.  It is a colour for the more courageous, leading to a revolution. It is also related to my competitive nature my need for personal freedom. And well. … passion! Strangely it also helps with my low blood pressure, increasing blood flow and giving me more energy. Red is also the perfect colour for stimulating weight loss as it increases the metabolism.


I guess green links to my need for healing, harmony and balance. Especially in the emotional  and psychological areas of my life. Being  a teacher is stressfull,  so I painted my class applegreen.  It links directly to my field of interrest as a Biology Teacher through the connection to nature, healing and children. It is soothing to both the mind and body and so I hope it will lead to a  harmoneus classroom environment.  Green also suppresses the appetite, so I have invested in some green plates to help me in this.

I don’t know if there is anyone else drawn to these colours. I just know they reflect who I am.


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