New nails


Dankie Daline!


I’m a mother

My boy is very much set on becoming an inventor at the moment,  so I’m starting to teach him about design and electricity. 

This project is based on the lemon juice powered flower battery S. T. E. A. M  Project.  He was so surprised when the light stayed shining!  Holiday fun!


I am a mother

We are on holiday at the moment and I have to entertain a 9 year old boy….  You see the challenge right?

Well I decided to go for an educational holiday.  I looked into a bunch of STEAM activities.  We don’t have those in South Africa so I had to start from scratch. 

Our first project was simple enough.  Making sun blueprints. 




Stars in heaven…. Falling

Please bear with me as a follow a trail of deception through history, beginning with the Creation and Fall of the angels, followed by the deception and destruction caused by the fallen on earth, following the seat of Satan through history and ending in the defeat and judgement of the Fallen.

Creation and Fall

Although the Bible does not specifically say when God created the angels, it was sometime before the world was created as it is clear from the book of Job that they witnessed the event.

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