My friends brought this tiny pink bird with massive yellow break to me while I was invigilation at the Grade 10 exam venue.
At first I thought ‘what an ugly thing you are’  but I took you in.  I gave you my body heat to keep you warm.  I fed you when you called for it and cleaned you when you needed it.  You were such a good little bird.
Day by day I saw you growing stronger.  Bigger.  Bolder.
Then another tragedy…  When the baby foxterrier bit you.  I heard your bones cracking in his mouth and pulled you out.  I kept you warm and covered and feared  you would not survive the night.
But you were strong and fought through it.  It took you much longer, but you learned to walk again.  Learned to used your wings again. And learned to fear dogs. Which is what makes what happened so much harder to accept.
You followed me around school.  You called for me when I came into the room.  You never left my sight. You snuggled in my hands, my arms, my neck.
I am going to miss you so much.  I am so sorry that I failed you.
Rest in peace sweet thing.