District NTA


Here we are again.  This time at the district National Teachers Awards gala.

A week ago my husband and son sat in the rain at 8 pm waiting for me to complete my next interview.  The panel was a mixture of union members and district Co ordinators.


The opening prayer was about excellence. Be excellent in all that you do. And thank God for the excellent spirit he gave us namely the Holy Spirit.

The candle lighting ceremony was lead by Mr W Mawela.

The welcoming adres was given by Ms S. Yssel.


Mr Sebolai the district NTA co ordinator gave us an overview of what the NTA is and why it is so important to participate. 15 years of awards giving educators their due respect and awards. As part of the strategy to reclaim the status of teaching the essence of the theme of the year is :

Teaching the heartbeat of the Nation.


Popping the kernel of education. Like popcorn we all start as corn kernels. Some of us jump into the heat of the competition and then we pop! Some however will pop sooner and some will never pop. But if you don’t get into the pot, you will never know which type you are.

We don’t fail. It’s just the First Attempt in Learning.

The keynote address was done by Ms Yssel for Mr. H. Motara.

It takes a long time to hand out the awards. But finally it’s my category….

Well This had been fun!


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