3 Reasons for feeling cold after a workout


Hallo again. Last time I wrote about my exercise program, so this time I want to talk about my eating habits.

It’s important to realize that 70% of weight loss is directly related to your eating habits. So when planning a weight loss program diet plays a key role.

I am following the banting diet. People all over the world are realising that it’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s carbohydrates. In fact our bodies will have absolutely no negative short or long term effects without carbs. However both fast and protein is essential for the balanced functioning of our metabolism.

I must admit the most difficult part was trying to find the right kind of drinks. I found a site with 7 Cool drinks for the banting diet.

Recently I have been working out much harder than before. Heavy weights and 20 x 4 reps. About an hour after my workout I am freezing. Even when it’s warm outside. Obviously I had to Google foo!

Three reasons for feeling chilled after working out

#sweating – during a good workout the body temperature is regulated through sweat. Change as quickly as possible after cardiovascular into dry clothes to prevent further heat loss.
#dehydration – during thermoregulation on the skin a lot of sweat is produced. If the body looses too much water, osmoregulation starts to retain the water. Less blood will flow to the surface of the skin and often goose bumps will appear. The best solution is to get rehydrated and to take in more liquids in your next exercise session.
#glycogen depletion – during cellular respiration glucose is used in the presence of oxygen to produce energy. When the free glucose levels drop, the body releases glucagon that helps to regulate the conversion of stored glycogen into glucose. When the glycogen levels drops the body must find alternative resources to generate heat. During this stage the body feels cold. The correct pre- and post workout snacks should solve this problem.

Well now I’m off to Jujitsu for my son. Have a lovely day!


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