Feast of the Lord Tabernacle


After the Bride of Christ had been taken she will be secluded for seven years with her Bridegroom. These seven years will be the Great Tribulation.

After the seven seals have been opened, God will judge the world. People will then cry out and ask Him “why?” answer : because they did not listen to Him when he called out to them every day!

The Holy Spirit will no longer be on earth, so people cannot be comforted at all.

Then Christ will return to earth and there will be a wedding feast and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Feast of the Lord Day of Attonement


After the summer harvest of barley the first Fall festival is Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) which gives a picture of the ‘catching away’ of the Bride of Christ for ‘seven days’ of blessing followed by the marriage ceremony. Then the Great Tribulation follows where earth is judged – the Day of the LORD, until all Israel is restored to the LORD. Then follows the Kingdom of the King of Kings.

Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement is the holiest day of the Jewish year. In the Torah it is Yom Ha-Kippurim the plural pointing to the cleansing of a multitude of sins, transgressions and iniquities. Kippur originates from kofer meaning ‘ransom’ used in relation to ‘redeem’, therefore ‘to atone by offering a substitute’.

It was the only time in a year when the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies and call upon the Name of YHVH to offer blood sacrifice for the sins of the people. Innocent blood had to cover the sins of His people. It also signifies the climax of the ten “Days of Awe”, the repentance period, which was marked by fasting, praying and synagogue services.

One of the roles of our beloved Mashiach Yeshua is that of High Priest who offered true atonement for our sins by offering His own blood in the Holy of Holies made without hands.

According to Levitical law, when land was claimed in payment of debt, a kinsman could pay the price and redeem the land at a later time. A scroll is drawn up with the qualifications of how the obligations may be met written on the outside and sealed with seven seals. This scroll is then placed in the care of a priest in the temple. The redeemer has three requirements:

  • Be fit, meaning closely related to the redeemed
  • Be willing, not forced
  • Be able, especially to pay the debt

The kinsman redeemer that fulfill the conditions, can then go to the priest and break the seals, to receive ownership of the land. This purchase could only take place in a Jubilee year.

In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God and the word was God, and through him all things were made and without him nothing was made and the Word was Jesus Christ. Earth belonged to God in the beginning, but just as the wages of sin was death (due to Adam’s sin), God also cursed the ground and gave it as bondage price to Satan. At the cross Jesus paid the redemption price for God’s people, which makes Him the Kinsman Redeemer worthy of opening the scroll with seven seals. As Kinsman Redeemer Jesus fulfilled all the requirements because he:

  • Was fit, when he became related to the human race (Maria and the Holy Spirit)
  • Was willing, He said ‘I come…to do thy will, o God’ Hebrew 10:7
  • Was able as he was a sinless blood sacrifice

In Revelation we see that he is worthy of breaking the seals on the scroll. This scroll contains the final Judgments that will free earth and Israel form the yoke of Satan.   The year 5776 is the next Jubilee year and starts on Tishri 15. In the Gregorian calendar that is 23 September 2015! The Day of Atonement!

It is important to keep in mind that the redeemer can only take the redeemed land after Atonement have been made. The book of Ruth illustrates how the kinsman redeemer, Boaz, took Ruth, a Gentile girl, as his bride. Jesus is the kinsman redeemer that will take His bride, the Church.  Since Jesus became our Redeemer, we no longer have to offer blood for the forgiveness of our sins. The Atonement for our sins has taken place through Jesus Christ.

I find all of this absolutely amazing!

A Daniel ‘s fast

I felt compelled to do this fast.  I’ve never done something like this before.  For the next ten days I will be eating only fruits and vegetables and some nuts.  No sugar, no bread, no meat, nothing with preservatives.  I’ll keep you updated as I go  along.

Why am I doing this? I was studying the feasts of the Lord, trying to figure out what is done in the ten ‘days of awe’ .  I know I missed the bus as it is already three days into this time, but I still feel this is important to do.

Spiritual awareness and getting closer to El-Roi…  I want to get to know Him better, so I will study the meaning of His Name and Titles in this time.

Day 1

Denise Jackson posted this on tumbler and I found it through Pinterest. It’s the first prayer I saw when I opened my eyes this morning.

His name is El Roi The God who sees. What is it that He sees in me?

Day 2

It is amazing how God supplies us with what we need. By the end of yesterday I was exhausted. It felt like… Well I imagined it as having a library in my head and all the books has been thrown in a heap and now I have to select what is important enough to be placed back in the shelves.

This is the name He supplied me with this morning:

It was the firsts name given to me when I opened my eyes today.

16:13 This just became very real and very difficult. I am at a swimming gala and the smell of hotdogs, chips, burgers and… Its just in my face.

The weekend starts today. Tomorrow we have our Value driven school meeting, and yes, there will be snacks!

Ok; stop! Focus!

Spiritual growth is my goal. I need to live without things I love to understand the value I put to it. Food is an issue. I can do this.

Day 3



The second one is from Deviant Art but I found it on Pinterest. The first I’m not sure.

His name is Jehovah from the tetra grammaton JHVH. A name so Holy that many believers won’t even pronounce it.

If His name alone holds so much power how much more is He? How can any one stand against Him and believe they could win? He is the Most High.

My husband thinks I’m a bit crazy. He is still supporting me though. I love him so much. He worries that I won’t eat enough.

But the Lord supplied me with this message a little while ago:


Again posted on Pinterest.

Day 4

His name is Jehovah Jireh “God the provider”. He has provided me with a message everyday so far. He sees my struggling and provides me with salvation and safety.



The Holy Spirit makes the last link in the Trinity of Elohim. Each with his own characteristics yet together as One. ELOHIM IS ALMIGHTY!

Uploaded to Pinterest by Glynda Offutt.

Day 5

His name is Jehovah Raphe “God the healer” .


13:30 Today I am hungry. Really hungry. I did not pack enough food for today.
15:15 I just finished my kinetics session and I’m surprised at how long I lasted, but food needs to get into me soon! Just 30 minutes till I’m home!

Day 6


His name is I AM… Enough said.

Here I have to comment on the new Avengers movie where the vision says he is i am. It is shocking what Hollywood and the deceiver is doing. Do they know?

20:00 YHWH is the tetragrammaton name of the LORD. In ideograms the meaning is Behold the hand, Behold the nail. The meaning of Yashua is YHWH is our Salvation. Which gives it an even deeper meaning.

Day 7




Tonight is the end of the High Holy day, the Day of Atonement. I praise YHWH for the blessings I have received in this time. Perhaps I will see you tomorrow or not?

Day 8

Today is Heritage Day in South Africa; where we are celebrating the diversity in our country… I wish it was that simple.

This has made me wonder why we do the things we do.

Why do we fast?

We need to fast because:

We need to be devoted to prayer
We need to find out what we are really hungry for
We need to restore the New Testament Church

Read more about this on RADICALLYCHRISTIAN.COM

When you get really hungry it is time for prayer and meditation because you cannot hide your feelings behind did. You will stand bare before YHWH.

Day 9

The second last day has just started. I have to say that I have been struggling with time in these days. I really didn’t have much time for prayer and meditation. I know that this is something I will work at.


I am declaring my intent to conclude this fast at 12:00 on Saturday afternoon.

This has been my first Daniel fast ever and I’m sure I’ve done many things wrong, but I’m happy I did it.

Day 10

Up since five, now we are here at Pekanwood College for swimming. I am nervous. The coach is not here, we don’t know where to sit. This is a rough day. And I’m already exhausted. But that’s the stress of the Grade 12 SBA that has me in a flat spin!

Fall feasts: Feast of Trumpets to Day of Attonement


The Feast of Trumpets fell on the first day of the seventh month. This month stood out in the religious year as the Sabbatical month. In this time the three ‘High Holy Days’ typify the conclusion and consummation of the Redemption plan.

The feasts typifies two themes: Divine Judgement, and Mercy. The blowing heralds the beginning of ten days of heavenly trials during which God judges each person with mercy and compassion before executing His judgement on the Day of Attonement.

The Word of God gives no specific reason to observe the feast which is strange.

Some estimate that at least 40 Psalms may have been used in the Feast of Trumpets to celebrate God’s enthronement.

Psalm 47: 5

Psalm 98:6

Psalm 87:15-16

Scholars calculated the date for Adam’s creation as  23 October 4004 BC.  and some rabbis thought it logical to assume that man should be judged on the anniversary of his creation.

Why do some people associate the Feast of Trumpets with the Rapture?

The feast is known as the Wedding of the Messiah and the church is the Bride of Christ
The “Open Door” referring to the gate of the inner court, and to the rapture (Matt 25) is only open on sabbath days and days of the new moon


In Daniel 7:10 we get the image of this judgement.

The books opened are:
The book of the righteous
The book of the wicked
The book of remembrance

A drastic separation between the saved and unsaved happens on the Day of Attonement.