How to promote yourself with style and dignity

self-promotion : the action of promoting or publicizing oneself or one’s activities, especially in a forceful way


I am competing in the National Teaching Awards again this year. In the previous round in 2009 I finished third in the Excellence in Senior Secondary Education in the North west province. This year I am trying out the Technology enhanced, teaching and and learning section.

I passed the selection process when my application was studied and accepted and today, on 17 August 2015, I had my first interview. Well actually, it was a 35 minute presentation. That’s different from last time where the judges grilled the participants. I also knew at least 4 of the judges, which made me relax a bit.
Adrenalin still had its say. When I started I was shaking like a leaf. This I think, is one of the reasons there aren’t more teachers participating. Fear. Fear can stop you dead in your tracks.

I am overcoming my fears with the support of my husband. I carefully have to consider how I am now going to promote myself with style and dignity.


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