3 Tips to get over Post-Achievement Depression

O boy… I did not expect this.

For the past six months I have been working my ass of. Literally. And every three months I book a photo shoot. Now after the first shoot I knew I still had a long way to go. But I had this major expectation of the second shoot and today, three days after, I just feel down in the dumps. So I jumped on the net and searched. This is what I found:


Apparently there is a state called Post-Achievement Depression.

For a short period of time all of my attention have been focused on this photoshoot. The achieving of this goal was what I worked towards every single day for three months. I was motivated by the fear that I would not reach it. And when I did, it was like…. Now what?

Once we achieve our goals, when our dreams become real, we see that they aren’t quite as thrilling or as fulfilling or even as interesting as we’d imagined them to be. BRAD WARNER

So now I have to answer a new question. “What am I searching for?”. Setting a goal sets up the ‘what’ but now I need to answer ‘why?’. I need a more sustainable goal. Realising that once I have reached my goal weight I need a plan of action to go beyond.

3 Tips to get past Post-Achievement depression

  • Pat yourself on the back Take time to enjoy your achievements because they are achievements. Share with friends and family and appreciate where you are as opposed to where you were. Spoil yourself.
  • Set follow-up goals well in advance Unless this was your ultimate goal to reach there will always be something new to look forward to. At least a month before your goal date have some idea about where you are going next. Also keep in mind there will be a limit to what you can reach. Have alternative paths to follow.
  • Enjoy the journey not just the destination Stop and look around while you are focused on your goal. There are so many people to meet, places to see and things to do in life. Enjoy it!

Have you had to deal with this issue? How did you cope?


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