5 tips and tricks for your photo shoot

Personal grooming
The most important thing is to groom properly. Photoshop can fix many mistakes but it takes time away from the photographer that could have been spent more wisely.

At least three days before the shoot wax everything. Don’t be shy, be prepared. Give your skin time to recover.

Moisturise to allow the skin to have a healthy glow. Dry or flaky skin will be picked up by the camera and will be difficult to fix.

The best nails is a French manicure, don’t go dark or red. That being said I prefer to go bold myself. And since my theme for the year is red, green and black, those are the colours I prefer.

Rest up
Get at least 8 hours sleep the night before. If you are tired the camera will see it. Dark circles under the eye will not be pretty. Neither will red puffy eyes. Invest in good eye drops.

Eat it up
Keep hydrated with water before the time. Cut out caffeine like coffee and soft drinks. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from starchy food that make you bloated.

Pack it in
It is a good idea to plan the shoot well in advance. Be sure to have everything set out before hand. Check with the photographer about any thing they need you to bring with.

Stress less
As part of your planning make sure you book during a time that you are not very busy. A rushed feeling will add to your stress which will be reflected in the photos.

As an added idea I suggest you book in your ovulation week. Yeh. Is the time when everything works together to make you look soft and desirable.

I hope these ideas work for you. Just keep in mind that you are doing it for the fun factor! Tata for now.


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