Preparing for the photo shoot

23 July
14:00 – I went for my face wax and eye tinting, now everything is smarting.  I did it the day before, because I had to reschedule the shoot.  The photographer had been invited to go with the Springbok rugby team on Saturday.  I hope I don’t rash up.

20:00  –  I packed my bag and  checked that everything is in, then rechecked my props crate.  I packed my son’s overnight bag.  I’m getting nervous.  I feel like when I prepared for my Aestedford dances.
24 July
6:00 –  my husband says I had nightmares, so he held me tightly and that calmed me down.  I guess the day seems to be a bit stress full?  I can’t waste a single minute… I just need to keep in mind I’m doing it for the fun factor.  Just have to cope with six hours of biology teaching.
14:00 – I survived the day at school and received so many complements today, it really lifted my spirit. It is time for my nails to be done.  At least I can sit and relax for a while;  but Daline says I’m shaking.  I still need to get changed before my hair is done and it just stayed raining!
15:50 –  my nails are done! I think they look awesome.  I have three minutes to dress up … Then hair.
16:03 –  I am at the salon… The power wil go out at 17:00 so Lilani  will work as fast as she can.

17:05 –  OK so I’m five minutes late for the parents meeting.  But the power is out so no one can see me in the dark.  The gas lamps have not yet been lighted.  I’ve just got to get through the next fifty minutes.  I don’t see many parents of my students here,  so maybe I can leave early.
17:50 –  I’m on my way to the photos shoot!
21:00 – I’m done. I’m so done! Going to bed now!

I’ll post the photos as soon as I get them.  Wow this is exciting!


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