A 1200 Calorie Eating Plan

In my previous Body blog I wrote about the basic exercise program I started following. In addition to that I had to change the way I eat.  So I asked the question: How can I have a long tern weight loss program that works for me? I did some research and found a site that allowed me the chance to calculate the total amount of calories I would need daily. The site is http://www.bizresources.biz/KPD/PMP/body/weightloss.htm . The site has a BMI calculator as well as a calorie calculator. To reach my goal weight I would have to maintain no more than 2000 kCal per day.

Then I visited Green Health Lifestyle with Waldi Bosman and Margaret Erasmus.  They performed another set of blood tests to draw up my Detoxification and Oxidative Status. Detoxification metabolism is the body’s method of eliminating harmful compounds that could influence normal metabolic functions. These compounds could originate from the environment or as a result of normal or affected cellular metabolism. The organ that is primarily responsible for detoxification metabolism is the liver where two distinct phases, Phase I and Phase II are involved in detoxification. The phases have to be in balance to prevent the accumulation of metabolites that could be harmful to the body. In my case my Phase I worked well but in Phase II, I needed carnitine supplements. Carnitine conjugation is very important in cellular energy metabolism and especially triglyceride breakdown and transport.

After this they developed the eating plan above, it accounts for 1200 Cal per day and my liquid drinks would make up the 800 Cal.  I only followed it five days a week and weekends I ate as I wanted to. I knew I had to motivate myself, so I booked a photo shoot at PictureCafe with Johann du Toit. No matter what I looked like after three months I would go through with the shoot.  Are you ready for such a challenge?

1200 Cal diet


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