Steps to self-actualisation

Psychology: The science of the mind or of mental states and processes. []

Psychology uses Scientific methods to investigate questions and arrive at conclusions. It is through using empirical methods that researchers are able to discover relationships between different variables. []

I guess most people fear the stigma of going to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. The question: “Are you seeing a shrink?” is faced with fear. How would people react if they knew? Would they think I’m crazy? How will it influence my career opportunities? I decided to simply take the plunge. It couldn’t hurt me more than I already was…

During the first session I had with the doctor we mostly talked about our game plan. He also gave me seven questionnaires to complete:

  • My personality profile
  • My behavioural pattern
  • My stress profile
  • My level of ADD
  • Level of emotional abuse
  • My emotional intelligence
  • A Marital evaluation

We also had to make sure whether my problems were physical or psychological. For this I had to have blood tests to check:

  • My hormone levels
  • My immune response
  • My glucose metabolism
  • Thyroid functioning
  • Possibility of cancer

We talked about the goal of self-actualisation and how to achieve it. If I had a medical condition alone, then medication would be prescribed that would restore balance. This however is a passive process requiring almost no participation from my side. However, the questionnaires would give a clearer idea of other factors leading to stress and feeling depressed. These would require active participation in dealing with and overcoming them.

As I walked away that first day, I felt a sense of relief and hope. I knew I was not the only one with these problems and that there was a way out, that did not include suicide.

So after asking the question: What is wrong with me? We used questionnaires to gain information about my psychological situation. We also used blood tests to gain information about my medical situation. In my next blog I will discuss the Results of these tests.


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