In Hebrew the word Sheva, means seven and it comes from the root that means complete. The number seven represents physical completion.

I recently read an article on a website that intrigued me about the numbers in the Bible, so I went surfing. This is what I found.

In Genesis the story of creation is marked by a number of repetitions of the number seven. For example: “God saw” is repeated seven times, as is “on the Earth”, “good” and “day or days”.

There are seven attributes of physicality namely: height, width, depth, top and bottom, front and back, left and right and lastly the connection between the other six. The physical world cannot exist without these attributes.

Seven is used for connection. In the same way the Hebrew week is actually named according to their relationship with the Shabbat. Three days before and three days after with the Shabbat connecting them.


I found this absolutely fascinating and thought I would explore the concept a little more.



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