4 Steps to start exercising

The most important part of getting in shape is admitting you have a problem.  My problem was that I had an unhealthy life style.  Yes, my brain chemistry played a key role, but I still needed to face the physical problem.

Step 1: Take a look at yourself.

I had my husband take some candid photos of my body.  I was in denial about how bad it was getting.  He was concerned about my breathing when I slept and he recorded my snoring!  My clothes were size 22 already.  I asked my biokinetisist to help me calculate my BMI and Body Fat %.

This is me…


On 6 January 2015: 103.8 kg,  BMI 33.8, BF% 48 %,  hips 120 cm.

In simple terms half my weight was fat and I was  Obese.

Step 2: Set goals

In Life Orientation I teach the S.M.A.R.T. goalsetting method every year, yet this is the first time I would be applying it to myself.

Be specific: I want to lose 2 kg per month, and 24 kg for the year.
This is measurable as I can weigh and measure myself.  It also sets a time-frame.  It is attainable because 2 kg is not so much, which also makes it realistic.

Step 3: support system

You have to be held accountable for your actions.  Someone needs to check up on you because self motivation sometimes fails.

I started a Whatsapp group with my friends and biokinetisist.  On the 6th of every month I weigh in and post the results.  Then I choose a motivational theme for the month and post it.  Sometimes they post their results and sometimes they send a cool motivation.

Step 4: Work it!

No pain no gain.  Sweat it out!  Vasbyt!


Look.  There are no shortcuts.  Good Luck in finding one.  I’ll talk about my first three months next time.


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