3 Categories of exercise

Hallo everyone, welcome back.  Today I want to talk about the importance of finding the right type of exercise and development of a program.

There are hundreds of different types of exercises out there. They can be divided into three basic categories namely aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility.

In flexibility it’s about stretching your muscles. Stretch and tone classes are very popular. They make you feel good and you get results! I just had one problem here. The popularity of the classes meant classes that were full or scheduled in the mornings while I was at work. It became too much of a schlep to organize. So not for me.

In aerobic exercise your body will warm up and you’ll be slightly out of breath. Deep breathing or correct breathing to allow maximum amounts of oxygen to enter is important here. Good examples of exercises here include jogging, rowing, swimming and cardio machines at the gym. So yeah, my husband is a swimmer and it has been a dream for him to have me swim with him. So there I went, bought the suit and goggles and off to the public pool we went.


Firstly, the water is cold.. Freakishly cold. After 10 minutes on the side I took the plunge… And the water took my breath away! But I was determined and I set out on my first lap. Halfway through I realised a few things :
1. 50 m is much farther in the water than outside
2. I hate water on my face
3. I don’t want to do this!

My son came to my rescue by bringing me his swim board. And that was the end of my swimming career. Sorry lovey.

So I looked into anaerobic exercise. Here you will get out of breath and sweaty because you do short bursts of high intensity training. Typically weight lifting falls into this category. I went to a biokinetisist and we discussed possible programs for me.

I started out in the first three months going to the gym twice weekly. I started with a 10 minute warmup session and followed that with 6 exercises. During warmup I usually did 10 minutes on the treadmill. I did three sets of 20 repeats for all exercises. We focused on three areas: legs, glutes and abdominal. It really payed off for me.

In my next Body blog I’ll talk about my eating habits for the first three months. See you soon.



2 thoughts on “3 Categories of exercise

  1. Great. I need to lose weight. Although I exercise 3 – 4 times a week, I love eating junk more than exercise, so my diet is the main thing I need to work on.


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